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Boost Sales with Seamless Upsells.

Elevate your store's revenue with our Upsell widget for Shopify. Effortlessly recommend products at checkout to enhance customer purchases, perfectly integrated for a smooth shopping experience.

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Upsell On Shopify Plus Checkout

Free gifts using discount code on Shopify Checkout.

Enable free gifts at checkout with our Shopify app. Merchants can easily set up discount codes that reward customers with free gifts, enhancing shopping experiences and boosting sales. Install our app to create compelling promotions and delight your customers effortlessly.

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Gifts with discount code- Checkout Shopify Plus

Streamline content with Accordions.

Organize product information beautifully with our Accordion widget. Enhance your Shopify store's user experience by neatly presenting details that customers need without overwhelming them.

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Accordions Widget - Checkout Shopify Plus

Build Customer Trust with Trust Badges

Instill confidence in your shoppers with our Trust Badge widget. Display secure and reputable badges on your checkout page, reassuring customers of a safe and secure transaction.

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Trust Badges/ Social Proof widgets for Shopfiy Plus Checkout

Tailor Checkout with Custom Form Fields.

Customize your checkout process with our Custom Form Fields widget. Collect the information you need from customers effortlessly, making each transaction smooth and personalized.

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custom form fields widget

Capture Attention with Custom Banners.

Engage your audience effectively with eye-catching Custom Banners. Customize banners on your Shopify site to highlight offers, promotions, or announcements, boosting engagement and sales.

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custom banner widget for Shopify Plus Checkout

Enhance Pages with Custom Content.

Personalize your Shopify store with our Custom Content widget. Add unique text and image to match your brand's voice, increasing visitor engagement and loyalty.

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Custom Content for Shopify Plus Checkout

Payment Flexibility with Icons.

Let customers see their payment options clearly with our Payment Icons widget. Support a variety of payment methods on your Shopify store to improve checkout conversions.

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Payment Widgets, Shopify Plus Checkout

Ensure Compliance with Consent Checks.

Keep your Shopify store compliant with legal requirements using our Consent Check widget. Easily integrate with your checkout, building trust and transparency with your customers.

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Starter Plan

  • Trust badges/ Social Proof
  • Consent check
  • Custom banner
  • Upto 1000 monthly orders

Starter Plan

  • Trust badges/ Social Proof
  • Consent check
  • Custom banner
  • Upto 1000 monthly orders

Have a question?

Faq is compilation of qustions from the support request we get

We adhere to Shopify App guidelines, and currently they do not allow for timer functionlity in the new Checkout Extensibility

We are working on the feature and this will be added soon to the widgets.

Shopify's Checkout Extensibility lacks support for embeds at present; we plan to develop the widget as soon as this feature becomes available.

We have built extensive options for setting various rules you can use to build out Upsell sections, give it a try, we have a 7 day free trial option.

Currently, the Checkout Extensibility apps are only available for Shopify Plus stores, we hope in future Shopify will also add support for Advanced stores as well.